China-Pakistan Deal Highlights Waning U.S. Influence In Region
NPR | April 21, 2015
China's President is pledging to invest $46 billion in a corridor across Pakistan linking China with the Middle East. Some analysts say this signifies a decline in America's influence in the region.

Andrew Small discusses The China-Pakistan Axis on BBC World Update
BBC World Service | February 2, 2015
Andrew Small is interviewed on the terrorist threat to China and The China-Pakistan Axis for BBC World Service's World Update. Audio available for 28 days, only on the BBC website. Skip ahead to 7.26 for the interview. 

Launch of The China-Pakistan Axis at ECFR in London
European Council on Foreign Relations | January 28, 2015
Andrew talks about the ramifications of Sino-Pakistani ties for the West, India, Afghanistan, and Asia as a whole as well as the dilemmas Beijing increasingly faces as it pursues its strategic rivalry with India and the United States.

Andrew Small discusses The China-Pakistan Axis on BBC Newshour
BBC World Service | January 16, 2015
Andrew Small is interviewed by Owen Bennett-Jones on China-Taliban relations and The China-Pakistan Axis for BBC World Service's Newshour. Audio available for 10 days. 

Book launch at the Carnegie Endowment (event audio)
Carnegie Podcast | January 14, 2015
Andrew Small and Frederic Grare discuss The China-Pakistan Axis at a book launch at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington, DC. 

South Asia Meets East Asia
War on the Rocks | January 13, 2015
Andrew Small of the German Marshall Fund, Stephen Tankel of American University and WOTR, and Joshua White of the Stimson Center joined Ryan Evans to talk about South and East Asian regional affairs, including the complex web of relations between Pakistan, China, India, and Afghanistan. Have a listen and read Andrew’s new book, The China-Pakistan Axis.

Kunming: China's 9/11?
The Asian Crescent | March 19, 2014
On March 1, in the Kunming train station, eight assailants with foot-long knives killed at least 29 people and injured 143 others. To discuss this event and its surrounding issues are Julia Famularo, Raffaello Pantucci, Alessandro Rippa, and Andrew Small.

China's all-weather friend in Pakistan
The Asian Crescent | February 8, 2014
Andrew Small discusses the topic of his new book The China-Pakistan Axis--the often neglected relationship between Beijing and Islamabad. As someone who has traveled and done research in the region, Small is uniquely qualified to comment on this important facet of Chinese foreign policy. We also touch on the complicating roles of Afghanistan and Xinjiang.